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Artist Statement I arrived in Perth W.A in 1984 from the UK crossed the Nullabor Plain and drove to Sydney.I felt at home entranced by the Australian fauna and flora and the amazing light
I am untrained as an artist but felt compelled to paint this "Gondwana" land. l began by utilising recycled furniture adding cut outs of colorful Lorikeets, Galahs Cockatoos,also Owls & Pussycats Angels & Mermaids.

I then progressed to paintings, luscious eco landscapes whilst I was living in the Rainforest of Northern NSW on a permaculture community, this work and other" "Eco Celebration" paintings were exhibited on my return to Sydney.

The Red Centre has always fascinated me and I was invited to stay at Urupuntja Health Station NT with Indigenous communities gathering honey, painting and documenting life there.
Back in Sydney I worked within Blackwattle Studios in Glebe and then to the vibrant victorian streets of Paddington in Sydney.

I started painting Murals most recently in Bondi which gave rise to the "Eora Dreaming" seascapes, I guess I keep a visual diary of my life.

The Rainforest,Paddington Paintings,Regeneration Painting
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